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oh look. color.

sketch of a character to keep me motivated on a short comic/work on drawing bikes/trikes. unsure if i want to draw wolf children or kids wearing wolf masks. those are barbie heads on the handlebars.

fun story: my uncles taught me how to tie a noose when i was 4 or 5. my Super Cool uncles had various figures hanging on their walls, so naturally, what’s a kid going to do with this new information? i cannot imagine nor recreate the concern of my family upon them witnessing my Barbie gallows and the overjoyed laughter of a little girl swinging the Barbie “corpses”.

ok, kiddies. story time’s over and mama needs her sleep. also, check out my commission prices n stuff over yonder if you haven’t already. please tell your friends. c:

compilation of my fav gig posters, both commercial and small commission.

if interested in a poster of your own, please send me a tumblr ask or email me!

still making a bunch of these poster conbadges for 20 buxx